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Move over Tenori-On – dariusk is writing a music synthesizer program (among other things) for the Meggy Jr. RGB kit –

This is my first run of a little live performance sound and video device I’m calling MeggySynth. It’s definitely just a proof of concept, I’m hoping to make things more impressive all around. I’ll be using the A/B buttons for pitch shifting, too.

Again, sorry about the disappearing pixels, it’s the aliasing from the refresh rates of the Meggy and my camera. Any suggestions on how I might fix that?

To record properly, the LED flashing speed will have to be slower than the video’s framerate – likely 30fps. Hmmm … with all the homebrew music apps for Nintendo DS and PSP, there’s likely to be more sound-making sketches for Meggy in the future.

8 thoughts on “MeggySynth makes music

  1. Music is *ok*, but I think it sounds too squarish. If you have any extra GPIO you might try implementing a passive dac and it will sound A LOT much better.

  2. Another solution to the flicker issue with the camera is to manually set the shutter speed to a slower speed, if you have shutter or aperture priority modes. Closing down the aperture will also lengthen the shutter speed, and might help(if you can’t set it directly).

    You can also reduce the frame rate, but I dunno if that will actually fix the sync issue, as the shutter could still be too fast.

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