MeggySynth makes music

Music Technology

Move over Tenori-On – dariusk is writing a music synthesizer program (among other things) for the Meggy Jr. RGB kit –

This is my first run of a little live performance sound and video device I’m calling MeggySynth. It’s definitely just a proof of concept, I’m hoping to make things more impressive all around. I’ll be using the A/B buttons for pitch shifting, too.

Again, sorry about the disappearing pixels, it’s the aliasing from the refresh rates of the Meggy and my camera. Any suggestions on how I might fix that?

To record properly, the LED flashing speed will have to be slower than the video’s framerate – likely 30fps. Hmmm … with all the homebrew music apps for Nintendo DS and PSP, there’s likely to be more sound-making sketches for Meggy in the future.

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