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LED cluster for Arduino testing

My friend Usman and I are collaborating long-distance on an Arduino project. He’s a software guy (by which I mean he’s a guy actually made of software. OK, not really, but almost) and doesn’t have time right now to get up to speed on hardware. So, I send him bits of hardware as needed. This is how we did the RFID iConveyor project.

In order for him to test sending signals to the Arduino’s digital out pins, I built this plug-in cluster of three LED with integrated resistors.


They’re soldered to a set of four right-angle header pins, and all share ground. Usman can plug this into the pins GND, 13, 12, & 11 and he’ll be off and running, with no need for a breadboard and jumper wire.


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  1. I made something similar when I wanted to connect an LCD to my Arduino. The little 5k preset resistor is a bit fiddly, but essential for the LCD contrast control. I soldered it to a scrap of Veroboard and added 0.1 inch header pins to plug into the Arduino’s sockets. I also added sockets (sometimes called “Berg connectors”) so that I could still access 5V and Ground. Photos here:

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