How-To: Remote temperature sensing with Arduino

How-To: Remote temperature sensing with Arduino


Using an Arduino, thermistor, and a bit of software, Peter built a temperature sensor capable of reporting readings via Gmail, or even speech –

After recently getting my hands on an Arduino Duemilanove, I came across this Sketch on Arduino Playground that allowed an Arduino to function as a temperature measuring device with the addition of a few cheap and easily obtainable components.

Deciding to take things a step further, I wrote a Python script to create a DIY temperature measuring device that could be used both locally, via the command line, as well as remotely, using a googlemail account to check the temperature of a room. You can grab a copy of this script, called “Ardthermo”, from the Software page.

Hmmm … this could come in quite handy for monitoring mission-critical refrigeration among other things. In addition to the “Ardthermo” code, the project requires a Python install configured with a few specific modules. Check the site for thorough tutorial with Linux-oriented software specifics

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