Visit SparkLab founder and designer Syuzi Pakhchyan, a maker who explores the new frontier of high tech and fashion with her space age handiwork. In the Workshop, John Park shows us how to build a guitar out of a piece of wood, some string, nails and a cigar box. Then he “makes it rock” by wiring it to a buck-fifty cassette-player amp. In a Hidden Treasures segment, Mister Jalopy opens up his Chevy Camaro’s cassette player to show us the beauty and value of clear schematics for makers like him. The Maker Channel features a sunlight-triggered poem, a pedal-powered blender, a time lapse photography rig, and a handmade theremin.

Get the m4v, subscribe in iTunes, or watch in HD on Blip.

10 thoughts on “MAKE: television Episode 10: Wearable Technology & Cigar Box Guitar

  1. Damn, BlipTV sux! It st- st- stuttered so bad I couldn’t watch. Pain, ’cause the episode looked interesting!

  2. Guy and girl geeks with more time on their hands than brains.
    Don’t waste your time on Make anything, just Google or YouTube what you need.

    1. Let’s keep the comments positive please. MAKE is a space where people come to learn how to build new and interesting things and the community surrounding it is very strong. Comments like this are uninformed and out of line. If you have specific complaints, try to do it while still being respectful.

  3. This has been kind of fun. I’ve done a couple projects from make the DTV antenna and the camera stabilizer. Both worked well although I modified the steady cam design to use PVC instead of black iron pipe.

    Frankly, if you don’t like it don’t watch or read.

    have a nice day people.

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