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What does Tesla Motors mean to you?

When Chad was a freshman in my high school program, he was talking about wanting to do a car project. The teenage car project is a time tested pursuit, an opportunity to learn many of life’s lessons, learn tools, techniques, create a useful product. Chad is currently a freshman at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, where he is studying engineering and working on their EcoCar project. Tesla was about to unveil their second model.

In a recent email exchange, I asked Chad what Tesla Motors means to him. Below is his answer.

Tesla Motors gives me excitement and hope. It represents a new era of car manufacturing and a large step towards a more sustainable earth. The company has been able to design and manufacture highway capable electric vehicles that perform better than most internal combustion engine(ICE) vehicles on the road today. Tesla has single handedly shown the world that electric cars are feasible to produce and usable for the majority of people’s transportation needs.

The Model S emphasizes the point that it is possible to create an all electric vehicle and also shows that people want to purchase this type of vehicle. Additionally, Tesla is committed to their original company goals that it is to produce cars in three stages. The first being a flashy sports car, the Roadster, which will pay for the design of a sports sedan, the Model S. Then the money gained through the production of the Model S, will be allocated to the development of the Blue Star a vehicle affordable for the majority of drivers.

Telsla brings hope that in a couple of years the world will be a better place, less pollution, more affordable, fun cars, and more innovation. This last point is brought up because Tesla is showing other businesses how to make it from a visionary start-up to a full blown car manufacturer(which is one of the toughest markets to enter). It has used proof of technology by showing that electric cars are more powerful than ICE cars. Tesla has taken the money at the top to fund the projects for the middle and bottom just like the airplane and cell phone industry did.

Finally, Tesla brought excitement and hype to their product just as apple has brought to their iPods by keeping all information secret until have a big press event. These building blocks will help future car manufactures and companies in general get out of the start-up phase and into the main stream.

I graduate in 2012, a couple months after the Model S is projected to start being delivered. I plan to make my fist purchase as a college grad a Tesla Model S. I believe this will provide me with a fun but also practical vehicle. It has a low running cost, almost no cost for refilling, and minimal maintenance costs.

Additionally, the Model S has so many capabilities. It can transport 7 passengers, travel 300 miles, recharge in 45 minutes, which is less than the time it takes to get a bite to eat. It is also a customizable vehicle, allowing for a bike or surf board to be carried inside the vehicle. The Model S suits the needs of a large market, from a college student like myself to the thousands of business men and women throughout the world. The white star is going to fill in the small gap and allow any and everyone to purchase an electric car! I cannot wait till they unveil Tesla begins delivering the Model S and also till it reveals the Blue Star.

So there is Chad’s perspective. What does Tesla Motors mean to you?


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