If you’re lucky enough to own one of the SERB robot kits from Oomlout, you’ll likely be interested in this Instructable, which shows you how to add a simple touch-switch bump sensor to the front of your bot.

Add Obstacle Detecting Whiskers to Your Robot

Review: SERB Robot kit
SERB robot with Wii Nunchuck control

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Arduino Controlled Servo Robot Kit
Our Price: $175.00
The Arduino Controlled Servo Robot Kit, also know as SERB, is a great open source project that includes everything you need to begin experimenting with robots and Arduino microcontrollers. Just assemble the precision laser-cut parts and you are off and running, no additional hardware is needed. It even comes with a demo program pre-loaded onto the Arduino.

The SERB has a built in breadboard that sits on the top of the robot. This allows for easy access for additional sensors and electronics. It couldn’t be easier to prototype on the fly with this amazing robot.