Make: Online has won an award in Treehugger’s 1st annual Best of Green Awards. We won in the Science and Tech category as Best DIY Tech and Gadget Blog:

MAKE is an easy winner for this category. The magazine’s blog is constantly filled with great ideas, hacks, instructionals, and information that keeps gadgeteers and DIYers entertained and on their toes. It encourages creating cool, useful stuff from what you already have around you. And being resourceful, creative, and thrifty with electronics is something we want to reward.–J.H

Congrats to everyone who works so hard here at Maker Media to make this site possible, and everyone else who contributes to it, and that likely means YOU. Thanks!

Also congrats to Make: Online’s Phillip Torrone and Limor Fried of Adafruit Industries for their win in the Best Gadget Hack category for Tweet-a-Watt.

First Annual Best of Green Awards