Image from Kotomatrix.ru via Rolcats

Is most powerful laptop in all of Tbilisi, can it be?

With all this yammering about socialism, maybe it’s time we examine the craft of lolcats mashed up with soviet era slogans and scenarios.

So my Russian is a bit rusty, but occasionally somebody in the comments chimes in with a translation:

turtle says:
February 23, 2009 at 3:07 pm

Actual translation: “My [long hours of] service are sleep-inducingly boring! I haven’t seen a smile in months! THIS is what they told me to guard! But all IT knows how to do is sleep!”

(Personally, the pic reminds me of the book Bunnicula.)

@ Mike: The Russian word for dog is “sobaka”. The closest translation of Laika I can think of is like naming a dog “Barky.”

Certainly there are other flavors of lolcats. Have you got a favorite? What are the guidelines for making your own? Have you crafted or made your own physical world mashup?