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Johannes decided to try pushing the limits of Arduino as a desktop computing platform –

I have resently been working on a project for the arduino, called Arduputer. With the project i intended to see how much the arduino could do. The current sketch is about 13kB.

On the arduputer I have several programs including a text editor, a simple ocilloscope and a program that shows available ram on the Arduputer.

I have modified the Ps2 keyboard library and the GLCD. In the GLCD library I added a routine for showing a picture. I used Bitmap2LCD for converting it from bmp to bitmap. The routine is a little wired so if you are going to convert a bitmap yourself, the settings are.

Paging Scheme vertical downwards
Most significant bit last
Origin corner top left

FYI – As the author notes in the forum discussion, Tux the penguin only appears here as a demo graphic (sorry Linux lovers).

It seems he’s using Arduino compatible hardware configured with an ATMega168. It would be interesting to see any possible benefits from using the ATMega328’s extra memory. GPL licensed source code available for download here – and the more on the project on the Arduino forums.

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