Maker Ken Delahoussaye. (Photo by ROBERTO GONZALEZ, ORLANDO SENTINEL / April 23, 2009)

Tech reporter Etan Horowitz wrote a nice piece in today’s Orlando Sentinel about makers in his area of the country. Ken Delahoussaye, a MAKE contributor, is profiled. Here’s a snippet:

Some of his other projects include a motion detector that plays a sound or video on his computer; a remote-control robot with a camera inside; and a tennis-ball launcher made with electric-scooter motors, a battery used for jump-starting a car and other parts.

“The biggest motivation for me is actually the building of the project,” Delahoussaye said.

“Once it’s built and it works, there is a satisfaction in that, but the awe is gone.”

Etan also has some extra material, videos, and offers some interesting thoughts about pulling the article together on his blog. MAKE magazine is, of course (yay!), mentioned, and there are links to some of Ken’s articles and other pertinent Make: Online pages.