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Sculpture made entirely out of welding wire


Tomás Libertiny made this sculpture entirely out of solder, using a stationary welder setup and a welding turntable. It was at the Design/Miami Craft Punk exhibit at Milan design week, hence the Fendi welding suit. Via Cool Hunting.

14 thoughts on “Sculpture made entirely out of welding wire

    1. well, it’s not welding /rod/ that comes from what appears to be a MIG welder, so what /do/ you call it? They call it solder in the Cool Hunting post, but I wasn’t convinced that’s completely accurate.

  1. it’s wire or “wire electrode”

    MIG stands for microwire inert gas, there is a gas sheield

    TIG is similar except for…wait for it…tungsten inert gas

    high five!

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