MAKE Presents: The Diode

It’s the simplest semiconductor device made. It’s technology ushered in the age of radio. Say hello to the electronic valve that rectifies and regulates – the diode!

As per usual, making this installment of the series taught me quite a few things. Prior to reading up on the diode, I wasn’t aware how closely its development was tied to the birth of radio – and just how finicky crystal detectors can be. I had a crystal demo in mind for this one, but it seems temperature and humidity hampered efforts to use my newly acquired galena samples. Oh well, more to come … Fortunately there is a good example of a DIY razorblade diode in Bre’s Foxhole Radio vid – good stuff.

And just in case you’ve missed any past installments of the MAKE Presents vids, here they are in a big ol’ stack format –

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