I’m only slightly embarassed to admit that I have a brown paper bag tucked away on a high shelf in my closet that has written on it in huge Sharpie-drawn letters (and I’m not kidding here), “T-shirts of sentimental value! DO NOT throw away!” My mom made so much fun of this bag of t-shirts and wondered how any t-shirt could hold enough sentimental value for me to declare they not ever be touched. Inside the bag are t-shirts from my time at Space Camp back in 7th grade, from my high school newspaper days and a handful from concerts I attended in college (Smashing Pumpkins, anyone?) I so wish I’d had this cute pattern for turning a concert tee into a baby gown, from This Mama Makes Stuff, when my kids were infants. I may have finally been able to bring that bag down and put all those “important” t-shirts to good use!
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