DIY 12-volt adjustable power supply

This instructable shows you how to build an adjustable 12-volt power supply that would make a great addition to your electronics workbench. Having an adjustable power supply is really important when tinkering with electronics. This looks like a fairly simple build with unlimited uses.

This is an Instructable that tells you how to make an adjustable voltage regulator, which has endless applications. It can be used to test your LED’s and other low voltage loads, and there is another terminal for higher voltage applications.

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7 thoughts on “DIY 12-volt adjustable power supply

    1. Yes, it’s adjustable. You can vary the voltage from 0-12V DC.

      From the instructable:

      “…..the potentiometer changes the output voltage. When the potentiometer is turned so the small flat part on the clear section is facing the voltage regulator, the LED power light is off, but a bit of voltage still goes through. If you have a multimeter, you can just play around with this for a bit to see what output voltage you get at certain points of rotation of the potentiometer.”

  1. Okay, I read the instructable ;).

    He says you need a power supply around 9-12 volts. The 317 is a linear regulator which means you need the input voltage to be higher than the output. In the case of the 317, I believe the difference has to be at least 3 volts, which means you’re not going to get 12 volts out from a 9-12 volt in.

    And just to pick nits, you can’t go below 1.2 volts with a 317, so it’s not 0 to 12 ;)

    1. Good point, thanks for the info. I did notice that the author pointed out that it will not go to absolute 0. However I didn’t see anything about 3v difference and not being able to achieve 12V out. Thanks again for pointing this out!

      At any rate, it looks like you could get 3.3 and 5V (and 9 w/12v in) which are all really handy.

  2. Oh, wow… I didn’t think my project would be on the Make website. Well, I am the designer of this project so if you have any questions, ask away.

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