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Calamity Kim shares a beautiful quilt that she created on a base of painted fabric, a technique with which I wasn’t familiar, but am very interested to explore now. She used acrylic paints on muslin to create the house painting above on the left, and then after some sanding and added batting, she combined fabrics and stitching to create the final quilt. The effect is fascinating!

2 thoughts on “Painted Fabric Quilt

  1. Thank you Rachel for posting about my little painted house quilt- I added a few elements so that it can also qualify for our Surface Design Guild’s May Meeting Challenge. We were supposed to use: metal, cardboard, blue and 5 in any way to meet the challenge.
    I posted it on my blog after you shared it here-
    again, thank you so much for the mention.
    love & stitches,
    calamity kim

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