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Tabletop pinball from scrap


Seamster put his collection of scrap wood to good use in the form of the above-seen DIY pinball machine, even reusing the ball from an old computer mouse –

With some parental help, this can be a kid-friendly project. Building a solid table with a functioning paddle assembly requires some basic woodworking skills, and may be fairly difficult without proper guidance and appropriate tools. But once the paddle assemblies are in place, just about anyone can build ramps and jumps or anything else they can imagine for the upper part of the table. To me that’s where the real fun lies–creating various obstacles and then seeing a ball bounce around all over and through them, somewhat under your power.

This is a great project for parents and kids to take on together!

Certainly looks to be a fun project for a family team to take on – adding a nice theme/paintjob could be quite awesome as well. Hit up the project’s instructable for more of the build process.

2 thoughts on “Tabletop pinball from scrap

  1. Very cool idea. It seems so obvious now that I see it, but hadn’t thought of doing it myself.

    I think the best Make projects are usually in that vein.

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