The best part about trying a new project is learning a new skill. One of my favorite articles in each issue of CRAFT is the 101. The 101 articles are specifically geared to open the doors to a whole new craft through teaching the ins and outs, coupled with a specific project. There is something wonderfully tangible about coming up with a design, transferring it to linoleum, inking it up, and rolling yourself a print. Back in CRAFT Volume 02, Donna Barger shared her linocut expertise with us in beautifully clear step-by-step, from making your design and transferring it to the linoleum:
To carving the design out from the linoleum:
To rolling your ink and pulling your print. She includes helpful tips and tricks on tools and technique throughout. Here is the project shared with you in our Digital Edition. Make sure to swing on by the Maker Shed to pick up a back issue of Volume 02, if you don’t have one already!