craft volume 02

Flashback: Counterfeit Crochet Purse

Our second issue of CRAFT magazine came out in January 2007 and the theme was Creative Clones. Volume 02 introduced us to the cleverness of Stephanie Syjuco, founder of the Counterfeit Crochet Project, pictured above with her fabulously faux crocheted Chanel purse. Stephanie fit the theme perfectly. This week, we present you a reprint of […]

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How-To: Corrugated Glow Tea Light Lantern

A friend of mine recently finished a deck remodel, whose highlight (literally) is a transparent corrugated roof that diffuses sunlight in a delightful way. This inspired me to find some way to continue that glow after sunset, in the form of a lantern illuminated by tea light candles.
There are many colors and styles of corrugated roofing available, and whole 8-foot sheets (Sequentia brand) are $23 at my local lumberyard — that’s enough material for up to 10 lanterns. The kind my friend used for the deck is fiberglass-reinforced plastic (FRP), which diffracts light with a sparkly halo. After some feverish experimenting with cut-off scraps, I eventually came up with the graceful lantern design shown here.

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Flashback: 101 Linocuts

The best part about trying a new project is learning a new skill. One of my favorite articles in each issue of CRAFT is the 101. The 101 articles are specifically geared to open the doors to a whole new craft through teaching the ins and outs, coupled with a specific project. There is something […]

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