Rosemarie Fiore makes a different kind of fire art. She uses controlled detonations of fireworks on paper to disperse bursts of saturated color. Rosemarie tells MAKE how she does it:

I bomb blank sheets of paper with different fireworks including color smoke bombs, jumping jacks, monster balls, fountains, magic whips, spinning carnations, ground blooms, rings of fire, and lasers. As I work, I create imagery by controlling the chaotic nature of the explosions in upside-down containers. When the paper becomes saturated in color, dark and burned, I take it back to my studio and collage blank paper circles onto the image to establish new planes and open up the composition. I then continue to bomb the pieces. These actions are repeated a number of times. The final works contain many layers of collaged explosions and are thick and heavy.

She’s also made art with a lawnmower, a car windshield wiper, a pinball machine, and a waffle iron.

Rosemarie Fiore