MAKE subscriber “Cobbler” sent us this video and a note:

Remember the first issue? Here’s my video of the homopolar motor project that was featured there. The motor works like a charm. It is mesmerizing to watch and makes a cool conversation piece for your cubicle.

Update: The motor Cobbler built is actually different than the one featured in MAKE, Volume 01. The one in MAKE is not homopolar, it is, as Windell Oskay put in in the comments below: “a wonderfully simple single-pole variant on the (typically multipole) mechanically commutated (brushed) DC electric motor.” See the comments for more info and links to a some other homopolar motor projects and info.

Unexplained Phenomenon – Simplest Electric Motor

From the page of MAKE:


The “Motormouth” HowToons piece from MAKE, Volume 01.
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