Bill Gurstelle on Make:cast

Maker’s Knowledge

Maker’s knowledge is the unique understanding of a thing by the person who made it. Author and Make: contributor Bill Gurstelle talks about his books, his favorite projects and his ongoing study of the history of science and technology, where the concept of Maker’s Knowledge has been developed. It is knowledge only available to the […]

Make:cast – Find Your Next Adventure

Make:cast – Find Your Next Adventure

David Lang, author of Zero to Maker, and co-founder of OpenROV, recently decided to stop doing what he had been doing for years and begin looking for something new, looking for his next adventure. During a pandemic, it seems hard to think about your next adventure. Yet I suspect that many are thinking about what’s next, and preparing ourselves for a new challenge. David says it’s just as scary this time as it was back when he walked into TechShop not knowing anything about being a maker. He seems to be following his interest in science and how scientists can learn from the maker movement. There is a need to encourage participation by more amateur scientists — people who do science because it is an adventure, rather than a career.