Did you know about our daily tips service, called make_tips? It’s a Twitter account that will send you a tip every day from us here at MAKE (we have one for CRAFT, too), so you can either follow us there or check out the tip each day in the site sidebar. We publish tip submissions, too (with credit, of course), just send us an @ reply to make_tips! Here are some of the latest tips:

  • When clamping wood, use a scrap between the finished surface and the clamp to prevent marring the surface (more surface area).
  • Pack your essentials in a mint tin and keep them forever handy:
  • Sparkfun enclosure tips including measuring before you finalize your box descision:
  • Use big tweezers to insert/remove components from solderless breadboards (use plastic ones or turn the power off):
  • Many ideas and tips for miniatures:
  • Don’t use WD-40 on a rusty bike chain get triflow or 3 in 1 instead (via @frenzy666)
  • Denatured Alcohol is better for cleaning metal than acetone; circuit boards too!
  • Replacing handlebar tape? Only remove the adhesive from a few inches at each end; you can re-wrap if you make a mistake (via @zeldaar)