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I am utterly charmed by this set of Gatsby-inspired dresses sewn by Nested for the Gatsby Summer Afternoon event in Oakland, California. The story of how and why she has sewn this small collection of dresses is inspiring in its ambition and dedication to a long-held dream of attending the Gatsby Summer Afternoon event. I love reading about how she found an appropriate pattern, picked fabrics and added special embellishments for each dress (that she was able to create for around $30 each!) Read more about the dresses and the event over on the Nested blog.

12 thoughts on “Sewing Gatsby-Era Clothes

  1. Dolin went to this a years ago and sewed her own dress. It’s a beautiful event done by the Art Deco society.

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  3. My wife is interested in sewing this era of clothing for this year’s halloween. Do you think is too daunting of a task to complete in a month and a half?

  4. yeah, it’ll com in handy to hav the style u need whenevr ure free!! gee i’d like to do that, i mean , hav new clothes everyweek, and all u pay is the material, and that aint half as expensive as byin the whole lot at new look or somfin!!

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