CRAFT: Home Sweet Home

glasspapercabinet_before.jpg glasscabinetpaper_birdselect1.jpg

My tiny kitchen has cabinets with glass doors, but there is something to be said for keeping coffee beans, baking soda, and canned goods out of sight. The panes of glass are stylish, but only if you can fill your cupboards with perfect dishes, teapots, and other collectibles. Not exactly easy for the majority of people who, um, actually cook in their kitchens.
With some decorative papers, thumbtacks, and about 20 minutes, this super-easy technique will literally transform your home. Try outfitting an old china hutch or a tired-looking entertainment center. Besides just hiding the contents of your cupboards, decorative papers or fabrics will make a design statement that can always be in fashion. I recommend cutting several diverse prints out all at once, to be prepared for any whim.



Butcher paper
Decorative papers or fabric
Rotary cutter and mat, or scissors

Step 1: Measure the area of the cabinet door that you would like to cover with paper. Give yourself a generous allowance all around the glass. I added ½” to the dimensions of the pane of glass. Use the ruler to measure and mark a piece of butcher paper or newspaper and then use the rotary cutter to cut it out. Check its fit in the cabinet, and adjust as necessary. This is your template.
Step 2: Lay the template on top of the decorative paper, and cut the decorative paper to match. Keep in mind the orientation of the print of the paper when cutting.
Step 3: Thumbtack the paper to the inside frame of the cabinet door. If the paper requires overlapping, cut more than one sheet and add tacks to keep them in place.
Step 4: Switch out the papers as often as you like!