Craft & Design

One of my favorite designers on the planet, Alix, has built a very successful Etsy shop selling custom clothing. Treehouse 28 uses soft and stretchy, high-quality jersey, sewn with serged edges. Alix creates wrap tops, long dresses, and layering pieces that are handmade to your exact measurements. The clothes have a very unique and very versatile look. This summer, Treehouse 28 has launched a children’s line, with the same adult fashions, sized for your little one. I was quite the tall child, and I remember my mother’s struggle to find pants long enough for my gangly legs. How perfect to be able to order stylish clothes in your child’s exact fit. Alix’s clothes translate very well for kids, with my personal favorites being the ruffle pants and, of course, the armwarmers. Check out the Treehouse 28 Children’s Line, and read in The Storque about how Alix built her successful business.