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Matchbox collision photography


From the MAKE Flickr pool

For the first assignment of his Intro to Physical Computing class, Greg rigged up a couple of conductive matchbox cars to act as a switch – lighting their moment of impact. Read more over at Ideas for Dozens.

8 thoughts on “Matchbox collision photography

  1. I’m just wondering how it’s possible to be that blurry when using a strobe to do high-speed freeze frame work.

  2. I’ve suggested this before, thought I’d bring it up again…
    Rather than just linking to the Make Flickr pool, isn’t it possible to link to the actual photo? I wanted to see what kind of camera he was using (Nikon D60), but when I went to the flickr pool there were already several photos that pushed this back. As time goes on, it will be nearly impossible to find the photo in the pool of photos.
    Just a thought for the future.

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