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DIY word clock

Hey, cool! MAKE subscriber Doug took up the challenge to re-make the word clock he saw here a few weeks ago, and wrote in to share his project with us. He built the front panel using an etched PCB (no laser cutter required!), and constructed a circuit board to illuminate the proper display sections using LEDs. Instructions and board layouts are available on his Instructable.

10 thoughts on “DIY word clock

  1. I actually think this one looks better than the premade one. And I LOVE the reference to Woz (Steve Wozniak, one of the founders of Apple) XD.

  2. 1.Create a stencil and have it printed out on a transparent sheet

    2.Affix the sheet over an LCD picture frame

    3.Load up the picture frame with unique jpg images with white rectangles over the required words for each time.

    4. Set the picture frame to slide show with the appropriate time interval..

    Slightly more satisfying then watching it on a PC screen, but still somewhat physical.

    1. Nice idea. I was imagining a vinyl stencil on some perspex as well, although I was thinking it would be nice and pleasant to light it with EL light source.

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