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Josh writes in to spread the word about the Muralizer verticle surface printer/plotter project – which is hopefully a kit in the making –

t’s a drawbot that takes SVGs as input, letting you print vector graphics really big. The project was started at noisebridge, San Francisco’s hackerspace, earlier this year, and we got a prototype going (a bit of video is up on the page).

I’d love to bring this piece of open hardware to the community as a kit, but need some help to do so. Inspired by the success of MakerBeam, I set up a kickstarter page. It would be great if people could pledge even a little bit to help make this tool available to artists (and those of us who want to be artists but are better at soldering than painting).

This could foreseeably give artist’s assistants a run for their money (do they even get pay?) More on the project’s planning and development can be found on Kickstarter & the Muralizer blog.


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