The BigShot digital camera is a kit designed to teach kids how they work while they assemble and use it. It’s being developed by Shree Nayar and his team at the Computer Vision Lab at Columbia University. From the site:

The camera gives us a powerful means to express ourselves and communicate with each other. Today, the camera is almost exclusively designed for, and marketed to, adults. A typical consumer digital camera comes with a sleek silver or black exterior and is densely packed with components and features. If one tries to open up one of these devices to study its innards, it is unlikely to function when put back together. We believe that camera manufacturers have largely overlooked an important demographic in kids and a compelling application in education.

The camera’s not currently for sale since the group is still doing field tests, but they’re off to a great start. I learned some things about digital cameras just by reading through the build instructions. [Thanks, Peter!]