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I recently set up my Brother KH-930E knitting machine with its ribbing attachment, and here it is spitting out a long scarf, followed by a picture of another scarf I made today. We’ve had some tricky times together, but I’m finally wielding this 20 year-old machine with fury. Rawr! With the ribber, I can knit all kinds of ribbing, racking patterns, and even tubes (my personal favorite). Check out more photos tagged with “knitting machine” in my Flickr.


CRAFT Video: Machine-Knitted QR Code Scarf

12 thoughts on “Getting Used to My Knitting Machine

  1. I have a 20 year old toyota knitting machine. Would like to use again, however can’t find sport weight cone yarn. Any suggestions?

  2. You don’t have to use cone yarn, any center-pull ball will do, try a ball winder! Also, Lion Brand has a machine knitting yarn on a cone that you can order online.

  3. I am thinking about purchasing a KH-930e, like yours. Which ribber do you have? I can’t seem to find out which ribbers this machine supports.

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