A reader named Jim from Arizona sent us an email a while back about his nine year old son, Schuyler, aka “Doctor Professor,” who wanted to join the Make: Money program to fund his DIY, robotics, and electronics projects. At nine, the kid is already teaching Arduino to 4-18 year olds in the Phoenix area.

We were so tickled by the letter, and the precocious Doctor Professor, that we decided to send him a little Maker Shed surprise package. The above video is Schuyler opening the package and gushing over the items inside (and plugging them as great holiday gifts!). Hey, unlike most adults we know, he actually knows how to pronounce “Duemilanove” (or close enough).

That is one enthused kid! We’re going to go ahead and imagine that every recipient of a Maker Shed package gets this jacked up over it. (Dad Jim did tell us that he might have withheld the box for a few days to get as much best-behavior out of Schuyler as possible… So he was charged to full anticipatory capacitance by the time the video camera rolled.)

Thanks to Jim for sending us the video. And thanks to the good Doctor for being such a cool kid and spreading the word on open source hardware to a new generation of makers. Let us know how your Make: Money program is going and what sorts of projects you make with all the loot your acquire.

Enjoy! And Happy Thanksgiving from all your pals at Maker Media!

You can find out more about the Make: Money program here.