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Members of the American Chemical Society show you how a pop-up turkey timer works.

The Chemistry of Thanksgiving

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4 thoughts on “The chemistry of Thanksgiving

  1. Wow, these adult ‘scientists’ are the dumbest people in the world, thinking that the pop-up was PRESSURE triggered!!! I think I was 15 in the early 80s when I saw my first pop-up, and after studying it for about a minute while dad carved the bird, I concluded that it was either a solder blob holding it down that melted at a low 160+ temp, or because it was plastic and food related, not solder but perhaps a high-temp 160+ hot melt glue. FIFTEEN YEARS OLD, ONE MINUTE, DEAD ON!

  2. And it took them over 20 minutes to explain what is easily understood in 30 seconds? Incredible. These people would be able to design $1K toilet seats and $600 hammers for the military.

    Occam’s razor is missing from their toolbox…..

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