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Ann of All Things Paper created this beautiful, modern-looking Christmas tree with simple quilling techniques.

The tree was loosely inspired by a rubber stamp design that caught my eye. Each branch is a shaped coil of 1/8 inch quilling paper. I outlined the burgundy ornaments with silver-gilded paper for a bit of shine and also made the star with silver-gilded paper.

She also used a clever technique for creating the pot in which the tree rests. Read her blog to see how.

4 thoughts on “Quilled Christmas Tree

  1. Oh, I adore the look of quilling. My favorite ornament is a quilled star. It falls apart easily, though, and I have to reglue it every season it seems. Does anyone have any tricks or tips for a better glue to use to make it stay together longer? Or should I coat it with some protective coating or something?

  2. Edelweiss, usually quilling is surprisingly sturdy. Perhaps the star was originally rolled too loosely and/or the end was not secured with enough glue. Re-gluing the end of the coil is the first thing I would do, but since it seems that’s not doing the trick, you could try spraying the star with a fixative such as a matte finish acrylic… it would add stiffness and protect the paper from humidity.

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