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Simavr, an AVR microcontroller simulator

Enjoy programming AVR microcontrollers, but wish there was a better way to debug your programs than blinking lights? The best option is probably be to get a hardware debugging tool like the AVR Dragon, however it has a reasonably steep learning curve. An easier option might be to use the Simavr, a new software emulator for AVR chips. In addition to emulating the functionality of the AVR microcontrollers, it has a library that you can use to emulate peripherals, such as buttons or LED screens.

Ok, anyone want to use this to add Meggy Jr. support to MAME? [via adafruit]

6 thoughts on “Simavr, an AVR microcontroller simulator

  1. Hey Matt,

    Sorry to be a grammar nerd, but you should have used “than”, no “then”…

    “wish there was a better way to debug your programs then blinking lights?”

  2. You could also drop the be after probably:

    “The best option is probably to get a hardware..”

    Or even:

    “The best option is to probably get a hardware”

    Or consider reversing altogether.

    Other than that cool.

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