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Table folds up into picture frame when not in use
picture table ivy design.jpg
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This clever foldaway table from Ivy Design reminded me of a similar idea in James Hennesey and Victor Papanek’s classic 70s DIY furniture book Nomadic Furniture. Would be an easy remake. [via DVICE]

33 thoughts on “Table folds up into picture frame when not in use

    1. Folding chairs, such as the wood and canvas “Director’s” chair, are stashed in the closet, next to the stepladder, the mop and bucket, et al.

  1. Haha… That’s a nice idea! In this generation, digital cameras and photo-storing sites are preferred by most people. But picture frames are still useful because these can also add glam to your living room or bed room.

    Zymeth Blues

  2. Problem: the photo and the sketch don’t match. The table legs are different. In the photo the legs become part of the frame, but the plans show a wide center leg. Also, I would like my table to swing up, not down. How can I make this adjustment? (Ok. so I’m not clever that way.)

  3. agreed — I would love the DIY instructions for making the table in the photo, as opposed to the one in the sketch. I understand the concepts, but would like more information on the hardware components.

  4. Great idea! I was just wondering what was used to screw the legs to the table and does it have a lock feature to assure that it won’t fold back? The one from the designer’s website does not have the metal things on the sides. I have attached the picture below. I hope you can help me out :)

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