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I will travel far and wide for good hot chocolate (my very favorites are the shot of Aztec chocolate you get in an espresso cup at Marie Belle in New York and a cup of chocolate I had in Italy years ago that resembled nothing so much as hot pudding), so I’m always on the lookout for new recipes and alternate takes on the classic. This chocolat chaud recipe from Kitchen Sidecar with mulato chiles and strained milk sounds intriguing. Take that, January!

10 thoughts on “Chocolat Chaud Recipe

  1. I love Italian hot chocolate – which is very much similar to a desert rather than a drink – and unfortunately I cannot drink it anymore (medical reasons) – I think this recipe looks tasty but unfortunately I think it will be on my forbidden list too. :(

  2. I was lying in bed the other night, wondering how that Italian hot chocolate is made…and I haven’t even tasted it in, er, several decades.

  3. Um…following those links, I see a recipe for chocolate chaud, but I see no chiles or spicy stuff in it. Am I just confused? (Maybe I just need to eat breakfast before I attempt to follow links.)

  4. The chiles are mentioned in the note at the end of the recipe (scroll down below the last photos). There isn’t an exact quantity mentioned, but experiment away!

  5. If you like thicker, richer hot chocolate that has body, try City Bakery in New York, off 18th Street. And February is their Hot Chocolate Month, featuring a different flavor everyday. You can choose to top it with a big, fat, pillow-y marshmallow from scratch. It really is delicious!

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