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Mara of Klieo’s Belly shares a pattern and instructions for taking store-bought kitchen towels and adding a hand tab top to them for easy affixing to the stove door handle.

12 thoughts on “How-To: Tab Top Kitchen Towels

  1. I logged in to find that my views for the day had suddenly gone through the roof…what the –?!?
    Thanks for featuring my project!!

  2. Traditionally — at least in the area where I grew up — this sort of towel is made with a crocheted top. A Google search for “crochet towel topper pattern” will turn up more patterns than you ever thought possible.

  3. Thanks so much for sharing this. I’m going to try and make some this weekend.
    thanks again,
    take care,

  4. Crocheting the tops were popular where I grew up also but I love these too. They look sturdier.

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