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It is beyond simple to create your own magnetic organizer to hold your craft supplies. Start with a sheet of metal from the hardware store. Throw it in a cheap picture frame. Add the awesome power of magnets!!! The result is a sleek and efficient storage system. This project is really that easy. And for me, getting organized is never easy.



16″x20″ galvanized sheet metal
16″x20″ picture frame
Craft foam
Various magnets
Metal containers
Magnetic jaw clips


Step 1: Open the back of the picture frame and remove the fake portrait of the cheesy couple, the mat, and the glass. Place in the sheet of metal.
Step 2: Place a sheet of craft foam in the center of the metal sheet. This will keep the metal snugly in place within the frame, and help prevent the metal from rattling and wobbling.
Step 3: Replace the back of the frame.
Step 4: Add containers and fill them with your supplies. I picked up small and mini loaf pans for a dollar each. They can be stuck to the board in two different ways, open end up like a basket, or with the open end facing out like a shelf. I also love the classic glass lid canister. They were two dollars each and already came with a magnetic backing. The jaw clips I used also came with magnets on the back, but you could just stick up a standard clip using loose magnets. And, don’t forget to add supplies directly to the board, like magazine clippings for inspiration, or your fabric samples.

13 thoughts on “How-To: Make a Magnetic Organizer

  1. It’s also great as a project board. Clip/attach your idea/inspiration/pattern & then add all the bits & pieces that you’ll need for the project. Such a clever idea. Thank you.

  2. I just wanted to add that Ikea has magnetic tins also, they’re called GRUNDTAL and come in a pack of 3, and they’re about
    3 1/2 inches round. I have them on my fridge to hold stuff.

  3. I picked up the “galvy” metal at my local hardware store. I was thrilled when I found out they had a sheet in the exact same dimensions as my frame!

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  6. This is a great idea to organize your stuff with the help of a magnetic organizer is great. It will help you find your things when needed. I was seaching for articles to buy magnetic organizer where i came across your post. Thanks for sharing this amazing thought with us.

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