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Kristina writes in:

My daughter’s toys are organized in fabric bins. I need a way to label the bins, preferably:

  • with image and text, for my 3-year-old
  • in a way that a 3-year-old won’t be tempted to rip the label off and tear the bin
  • in a way that can be changed out over time as she grows out of toys and they get replaced with other items
  • in a way that works with any color bin, since most folks use multicolor bin configurations

I’m unsure if the fabric of the bins can tolerate ironing, so I’m reticent about iron-on transfers.

These bins are so common now, and I’m surprised there isn’t a product on the market to label them. CRAFT to the rescue?

Indeed! My best advice for you? Check out our Craft Rooms series, where we went inside crafters’ spaces to see how they stay organized. There are lots of labeled compartments, for sure! For your particular bins, I’d recommend sewing on clear vinyl pouches, into which you can slide a printed label with text and an image. For a tutorial on sewing with clear vinyl, check out our Car Craft Caddy project. Another possible solution would be to hand-embroider the pictures and text on the fronts of the bins. This would be safe and tamper-resistant, but also quite labor intensive. Hope that helps, please send us pictures of your solution! If you have advice for labeling Kristina’s bins, let her know in the comments below!

Above image by Mama Bluerose.