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You win this round, engineers!
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As a man with a degree in philosophy, another degree in chemistry, and three engineers in my immediate family, I have to admit this strip from Zach Weiner of Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal pretty much hit me right between the eyes. [Thanks, Matt Mets!]

16 thoughts on “You win this round, engineers!

  1. I would argue that getting a physics degree still allows you to be an engineer. Indeed, that’s why I went for physics instead: at my school, the engineering program has in the past almost lost its accreditation, but the physics program is pretty good. It sucks to have to choose your school based on what you can afford (especially since I had been accepted to a top-level private college), but one does what one can.

  2. Most industry engineering jobs:

    Here’s marketing’s unrealistic expectations for what stuff needs to do and how much it should cost, and here’s your unrealistic schedule for getting it done. To hit your deadline, you probably have to take a bunch of stuff that was already done by other people that you don’t quite understand, tweak it slightly, and mush it together until it approximates the new stuff you’re trying to make.

  3. I love the phrase “Awesome stuff. Could it be…more awesome?” so much! That phrase itself could NOT be more awesome.

  4. I studied physics and turned out okay. And the conferences that I went to weren’t like that.

    But seriously, the kind of “physics” being poked at here isn’t even really *physics* – it’s out there in the untestable mathematical/philosophical regime.

  5. I am a physicist and I do awesome stuff with awesome stuff. With rockets and spacecraft and giant stars that explode and fire jets of matter at 99.9999% of the speed of flight and can be seen with the naked eye from a billion light years away.

    (One of my undergrad degrees was in computer engineering, which I use a lot in doing the science.)

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