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Scientific cookie round-ups

I didn’t know such a thing as scientific cookies existed, or even that a round-up (or two) were needed to show off all the flavors and possibilities that creative people have come up with. But now I realize I was living in the plain white flour and possibly moldy pantries of mundane cookiedom. Why make a star sugar cookie when you can make a sugar cookie atom?


Luckily, Ms. Humble of Not So Humble Pie is blogging about all the geeky baked goodies she can find, and she’s gathered them up in two (so far) round-ups. Of course our inspired cooking pals over at Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories are included!

Science Cookie Round Up 1

Science Cookie Round Up 2


4 thoughts on “Scientific cookie round-ups

  1. I love the fractal cookies. I’m trying to imagine how you’d go about making one as a Sierpinski triangle.

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