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Beware the Ides of March! I was itching to say that. Ahem. Here is a collection of MAKE magazine articles related to DIY movie making. Note that most back issues of MAKE are available for purchase in the Maker Shed. Don’t miss any future articles … subscribe!

MAKE Volume 01
$14 Video Camera Stabilizer – Make this ultra-low-cost video camera stabilizer and see how much better your video shots turn out.
Flexible Gooseneck Camera Mount – Put a camera or camcorder pretty much anywhere with this flexible camera mount built from a cheap desk lamp.

MAKE Volume 02
15-Mile-High Club – Art Vanden Berg’s computer-controlled model glider took images from 79,000 feet.
Stop Motion Animation, the Easy Way – With iStopMotion, making Gumby is less pokey.
Webcam Telescope – Video from still camera zoom.
No More Cue Cards – Make a teleprompter with a laptop, a sheet of glass, and some scrap wood.

MAKE Volume 03
Mailbox Movie – Make a movie that’s shot in many locations around the world without leaving your house.

MAKE Volume 04
How to Make a Film, Without Money, While Being Bombed – Shooting a documentary in Belgrade is risky business.
Film Jockey – Julie Meitz uses old film projectors to create collages of light and color.
VJing 101 – Performing live video combines the visual power of filmmaking with the spontaneity of jazz.

MAKE Volume 05
It Came From My Garage! – Model kit makers bring B-movie monsters to your home.
iSight Tripod Mount – Point your webcam anywhere you want.

MAKE Volume 06
The Eye Aquatic – An underwater ROV with live video images.
Video Podcasting – Producing TV shows on the cheap.

MAKE Volume 07
How to How-To – Use a head-mounted video camera to produce instructions for making things.
A Sublime Machine – Mike Wilder makes Lego robots for time-lapse 3D videos of carnivorous plants.
Rocket-Launched Camcorder – Launch a hacked single-use camcorder in a model rocket.
How to Drink Beer on C-SPAN – Put yourself into somebody else’s video.
TV-to-Synth Interface – Triggering sound from video images.

MAKE Volume 08
How Not to Make a How-To Video – Ignore these handy rules and your instructional video will turn out great!
Van TV – Big sights and sounds hit the streets.MAKE Volume 09
Action Movie Effects – Shoot a fight scene with a blood-spurting knife wound and a head smashing through a window.
Online Video Production – Tips and techniques for daily content.

Creepy Costumes and Macabre Makeup
Ultimate Fog Chiller – Build the chiller that won the 2004 HauntCon Chill-Off competition.

MAKE Volume 11
Grand Master Video – Gardner Post’s Baby Grand Master is the “king of video instruments.”
Urban Guerrilla Movie House – Your own DIY drive-in.

MAKE Volume 12
Go Green! – Special video effects are available to anyone with a cheap camcorder and $25 of software.
Remake Your Own Hollywood Movie – Dissatisfied with the director’s cut? Direct it yourself!

MAKE Volume 13
In-Car Camcorder Mount – Rig an onboard camera like the cops and NASCAR, for 15 bucks.

MAKE Volume 14
Homebrew Digital 3D Movies – Build your own stereo video camera and 3D viewer.
Baja Buggies – With wireless cameras on board, these radio-controlled racers give you virtual reality telepresence.

MAKE Volume 15
Time-Lapse Panning – Make ultraslow motion-control camera mounts, on a budget.

MAKE Volume 16
The First Picture Show – Jack Judson reveals the beginnings of the entertainment industry at his Magic Lantern Castle Museum.

MAKE Volume 19
Midi Camera Control – ESPN-style coverage with a video crew of one or two.
Eye Contact Device – Look more trustworthy while video-conferencing.

MAKE Volume 20
Autophenakistoscope – Motorize a 19th-century parlor novelty.
Remote Controlled Camera Mount – A street-level action cam that captures video on the move!

MAKE Volume 21
Slow Down To Speed Up – A smart, cheap setup for shooting long-duration time-lapse movies.
Intro to Scratch – Make your own games and animations, free and easy.


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