First off: Don’t try this at home. Or in your town center or you shopping mall. Or anywhere. Really, this is crazy stuff. Repeat crazy. You will never see this at a Maker Faire.


Last weekend, I met John Ward who lives in San Miguel, Mexico. He asked me if I’d ever heard of “sledgehammer fireworks.” He and his wife recently visited San Juan de la Vega. He explained that the Carnaval celebration began with a procession through town and then a mock battle. Next they try to blow up a train. These are all the preliminaries for a group of young men breaking out the explosives and taping them to sledgehammers. They swing the sledgehammers, striking an I-beam on the ground. Boom!


Watch as Ron, one of the couple’s friends, accepts the invitation to swing a loaded sledgehammer himself. All I can say, should anyone decide to go to San Juan de la Vega, is watch out for the other guy with the sledgehammer. If they don’t care about their own safety, they surely don’t care about yours.

This has to be the craziest town celebrations ever!

John’s wife’s blog is Living in San Miguel and her “Sledgehammer Fireworks” post gives more background on this unusual festivity. John’s blog in