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How to Hack a Syringe into a Glue Gun to Make an Applicator

This Brazilian site describes a process for combining a disposable syringe and a cheap hot glue gun, sans heating electrics, to make a pistol-applicator for solder flux paste. But I see no reason why the same process could not be used for other flavors of room-temperature goo. [via Hack a Day]

16 thoughts on “How to Hack a Syringe into a Glue Gun to Make an Applicator

  1. FWIW The language is portuguese indeed but Luciano is a nice, very resourceful brazilian guy.

  2. The linked site isn’t portuguese. It is a brazilian (.br) website, in portuguese (the language spoken in Brazil).

    1. I knew that, actually, but it did sound completely wrong. I’m prone to describe sites hosted in Mexico as “Spanish,” too. Sorry folks!

      1. Think about MAKE; I’d guess most people would say it’s a site in English, not American. But it’s an American site and not an English one.
        Confusing, but thats the way it is.

        1. Nah, it’s definitely American. They keep spelling things like ‘colour’ and ‘aluminium’ incorrectly :)

    2. Esses caras são uns chatos. Escreva uma letrinha errada e os malas vêm encher o saco. Parece que eles não conseguem entender que palavra, se não tiver sido escrita corretamente.

      (These guys sucks. If you mispell just a single letter they come complaining. It seems that they can´t understand what word is written, if it isn´t correctly spelled.)

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