Ed Baafi has been working up Modkit, a great new interface that combines the language Scratch with the ability to write programs for the Arduino. Like Scratch, Modkit provides the user with clickable, expandable code blocks. When you have the program the way you want it, you send it down to your Arduino to test it out. All those fussy semicolons and syntax are handled automatically; no typing required.

Ed will be on-hand to demonstrate Modkit at the Cambridge Mini Maker Faire this Saturday, April 24th from 12-4. This Mini Maker Faire is part of the opening events of The Cambridge Science Festival. Look for us under the tent on the tennis courts next to the Cambridge Public Library.

10 thoughts on “Modkit at Cambridge Mini Maker Faire

  1. …that hasn’t been touched in over a year. Does the alpha release really work that great or is this dead?

    1. Hi David,

      Thanks for the kudos.. and no this project is absolutely not dead it’s just the video is almost a year old (Maker Faire Bay Area 2009)..

      Chris just likes to post old stuff to make me post new stuff but this time the joke’s on him.. He shot this video last year so he’ll have to shoot a new one tomorrow at the Mini Maker Faire @ Cambridge Science Festival and put that up instead ;)

      As far as the new alpha, it is completely different from what you see in this video.. You can check out the screencast at One thing to note is the modkit interpreter is not currently being tested so when you complete your sketch, you have to compile and flash it (one click).. We hope to start alpha testing the interpreter soon, but for the moment the focus is on the brand new interface..


  2. Hi there Ed,
    How can I get an invitation to try the modkit.
    When ever it is possible I’ll be happy to get one.
    I can give you feedback since I’m teaching arduino

    1. Hi Aspen,

      There is a modkit-alpha-testers google group which you can sign up for to get in the queue.. Also we are looking for educators to help run mini-workshops at the Bay Area Maker Faire so if you are local or will already be there and want to help expose some kids to Arduino programming with Modkit, we’d be happy to set you up sooner to prepare..

      You can contact me at ed [at] modk [dot] it


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