ITP summer camp in NYC this June

ITP summer camp in NYC this June

ITP Camp

ITP, a graduate program located in NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, explores “the imaginative use of communications technologies — how they might augment, improve, and bring delight and art into people’s lives.” This June, ITP is launching its summer camp, a month-long blending of an unconference and artist residency:

Be bold. Make something this summer. Come to ITP and learn to use the latest tools. For 30 years ITP has been a hub of experimentation in art, media and technology. For the first time this June we are inviting non-students, working professionals from the New York City area, to come to ITP on weekends and evenings to make stuff, hear speakers on the cutting edge, collaborate with people from diverse disciplines.

It’s a mash-up of an artist residency and a summer camp for adults.

The creative charge of ITP camp will come from the community of participants sharing their ideas, their skills, their criticisms and their passions with each other in small, informal groups. We’re creating a flexible structure, an Un-University, that will be responsive and supportive to the group we select. The structure is based on “unconferences” such as foocamp or barcamp, where presentations and discussions form in response to participants’ interests and projects.

ITP’s facilities–its faculty, resident tutors, and equipment–will be at your service. The creative atmosphere will help you generate ideas and implement projects and possibly broaden your own network and community of innovators and thinkers.

What’s the cost? It’s $1600 for the month, though participants can get paid for running fully enrolled instructional sessions, and there are discounts (in addition to the discounts listed on their page, ITP has extended a 10% discount to Make: Online readers. Use code 700 when paying).

For more information, including where to apply, see: ITP Camp for grown ups.

And the answer to an all-important question from the FAQ:

Do you provide housing?

You should check Craigslist for June Sublets or Dorms at NYU (Check Enrolled in Class, Course Name: ITPCamp w/ O’Sullivan, leave course number blank).


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