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How-To: Simple workbench


Randy Sarafan writes:

A few weeks ago I got tired of being hunched behind a desk all day. I was already surrounded by all kinds of alternative desks, so I decided to throw my hat into the ring. I’ve been in situations in the past at which I’ve worked at workbenches or work counters and always found these experiences highly enjoyable. I prefer to have the option to stand while I work and like having lots of space to spread out my stuff and move around. So, I recently got rid of my desk and replaced it with two rolling workbenches.


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2 thoughts on “How-To: Simple workbench

  1. I had a philosophy professor who had all the desks in his office raised off the floor so he could work standing up. I asked him about this once and he said something to the effect that the thoughts he had while standing were more articulate and concise than the thoughts he had while sitting down.

    How cool is that!?

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