Graffiti Research Lab Houston writes:

In this document we will give a high level overview of what is needed in order to implement “Texas Big Face.” To implement facial transfers both for sculptures and persons you need to accomplish several steps. Setting up a system that keeps the persons face stable, a system to capture the the persons face, connect your capture device to your projector and finally align your projection with the target of your choice. In this document we will cover each step. Some of these steps are highly customizable and have many solutions for implementation so this document will give an a detailed explanation of the process without getting to detailed on specifics on our implementation of the jig due to the fact that there are unlimited alternatives to keeping a persons face still for projection onto an object.

Implementations In This Document:

Texas Big Face – Superimpose a person’s face onto any 3 dimensional object in this case one of David Adickes [2] ‘ 20 ft tall sculptures.

Texas Face Off – A projected facial transfer whereby a material is used to cover a persons head. That and superimposing another person’s face.