CRAFT: DIY Wedding
Etch your love in stone. Or, write it on a stone with a sharpie! My wedding favors were not just simple, they were cheap! With the help of a dear friend, 150 stones were monogramed with our initials on one side and an inspirational word on the other. I left the stones all around the wedding, and guests chose the one that resonated with them the most. I thought that they would end up in everyone’s gardens to fade in the elements, but a suprsing number of people keep them out as decor! The best thing about my favor is seeing something from my wedding in my friends houses when I visit, even now, years later.

  • Find nice smooth rocks. My colors were brown and blue, so I actively sought out stones that matched.
  • Find a book of poetry for words about love- “cherish” “devotion” “adore”. But don’t overlook simple nouns from nature. The stones that my guests liked the most said things like “ocean” “flower” “star”.
  • Be sure to pick up a few sharpies in each color. The felt tips get thrashed on the stone surface fairly quickly.
  • Select a font that you like, and then print the alphabet as a reference guide for your writing. For mine, the ampersand and a font with serifs were key to the style. I tried to think of it as drawing the letters, as opposed to writing them. It helped me prevent mistakes and misspellings for some strange reason!